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                 After hearing it so many times, we decided to make it our motto for continuous inspiration                                      

our philosophy... 

operate so that customers relax, have peace of mind, and time for other tasks

our way...

continuous training of our selected staff and subcontractors,

up to date administrative operations

non stop evaluation of suppliers and subcontractors

a cost effective approach with great results

thanks to the blend of

expertise | structural organization | experience | knowledge of the market | trust of our suppliers


Since 1980 TECHTRON is the source for

specialized equipment and turnkey services

focused on

Air Traffic Management | HF Radio Comms Systems | F & G Detection Infrastructure Safety

About us
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We can take up the load for you...

...with on-time implementation, quality of work, and customer satisfaction, for a range of engineering and contracting tasks:

  • Bidding and Contract Negotiations support

  • Site survey & Evaluation

  • Project Management

  • Installation Works & Supervision

  • Delivery & Acceptance

Our field of expertise focuses on Air Traffic Navigational Aids & CTR systems, HF radio systems and Fire and Gas detection installations and maintenance.

Impeccable workmanship is achieved using own resources on critical tasks and outside resources of company, approved consultants and company trained subcontractors and technicians.

  • Commissioning

  • Installation manuals & As Built drawings

  • Training

  • Warranty Engineering

  • Maintenance Support & Inventory Maintenance

Buy equipment and have no regrets: purchasing the right equipment is not always an easy task:

  • will I get the best value for money?

  • is it compatible with my existing systems?

  • is it complicated to use?

  • what about cost of ownership?

...such questions and more, are the factors that we will evaluate for you before any proposal and help you make your decision.

TECHTRON is an authorized distributor and service center of renowned manufacturers' equipment and provides

  • training capability

  • documentation

  • future support

  • swift response

which consists the built-in added value of every piece of equipment that we supply...

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GAS CLIP technoligies
Distributors of
Honeywell Analytics

TECHTRON Technical & Commercial p.c.c.

           Niriidon 12
           GR 11634 Athens

Athens Chamber of Commerce & Industry (E.B.E.A.), No.: 85793
Central Corporate Registry (G.E.MH.) No.: 457801000
Tax No. (registered at D.O.Y. IZ’ Athinon): EL095161745  

+30 2107231984

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